Vedic Astrology Part 18

About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe

All Astrology evolved from Electional Astrology & originated from the Vedas,Guest PostingScriptures which were never written & which were divinely cognised in higher states of Consciousness. Regarding the Fourth House The fourth house represents happiness, mother, friends, uncle, house & conveyances. All these significations get a boost if the 4th lord or 4th house becomes strong. if the fourth house is vitiated by malefics, happiness will make a hasty retreat. Relatives turn hostile and there will be difficulty in acquiring houses or conveyances. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Ascendant As the 4th lord is in the ascendant the native will have all sorts of domestic comforts, houses & conveyances. They are outspoken & independent, clever and intelligent. Their mother is gentle and tender. They have an academic mind and their qualities will be appreciated in the field of education. They will have the help of many friends and uncles. They will have a well decorated house. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Second House As the 4th lord is in the 2nd the native will inherit much from their mother or maternal relatives. Their mother in turn must have received much from her own sisters & brothers. They are not the type who are likely to be dominated. Many consider them as a simpletons. This is not a correct analysis They are cunning and quite clever when occasion demands They will have house & conveyances. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Third House As the 4th lord is in the 3rd the native can expect medium health.Because of their educational background they may get the much needed help from office levels. Subordinates love working for them as they lead by example. They will retain self earned wealth. Uncles may turn hostile. They may have trouble regarding house & conveyances. Even their health may be subject to vicissitudes. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Fourth House As the 4th lord is in 4th the native will have a good house and conveances. They may be connected with powerful, political people. They have the knowledge to manipulate ideas, men and things with dignity and honour.They maintain a spotless character. They will understand in the fulness of time that Love is a thing to be given & not a game to be won or an election to be fought. They tend to Philiosophy & Religion and love their family members. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Fifth House As the 4th lord is in the 5th the native will have vehicles & conveyances. They are adepts at maintaining happy relations with people. They will enjoy wealth that is self made. Their partner will appear to be more bossy than them when provoked and even more belligerent. They will have a comfortable life with riches. Their children will prosper well & they may get happiness from them. They may gain due to speculation & whirlwind profits can be expected if they speculate. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Sixth House As the 4th lord is in the 6th house the native will have problems from house & conveyances. They may receive affection from somebody other than their mother during childhood. They are basically careless and indifferent. Thier mother’s health may be imperilled. As they are shorttempered it will be better for them if they control their anger. Some of their friends may turn hostile. Uncles and aunts also turn hostile. They may not get much happiness from mother & conveyances. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Seventh House As the 4th lord is in the 7th the native will shine well in the field of education. They are ready to sacrifice & relinquish their rights on property at the slightest request from their mother. In reality she does not want them do that. Pessimistic they become as a result of adversity. They acquire vast areas of land and they get houses. Their public relations are good. They mix well with people.They will have good friends. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Eighth House As the 4th lord is in 8th the native will have problems in education They are likely to face difficulties in childhood. They envy their brothers who get greater attention from their mother. They may not fulfill her wishes and this makes her dejected. They may be separated from father quite early in life. They may have to encounter difficulties arising out of litigation. Some of their friends may turn hostile. Some uncles and aunts also. They may have problems regarding house & conveyances. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Ninth House As the 4th lord is in the 9th the native will be blessed by a loving and compassionate mother. They fear the Unknown. They may inherit paternal legacy. They demonstrate wisdom and a deep sense of humour behind a rugged exterior. They have a hidden desire to be protected by their mother. This is a fortunate combination with regard to father and properties. They will have a good house & conveyances. They will be blessed by many good friends who come to their help in their hour of crisis. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Tenth House As the 4th lord is in the 10th the native will have professional enhan- cement and reputation. They will have professional expertise . They will have political success. They will have the knowledge to handle any situation. They will be good at handling chemicals. Will vanquish their enemies . They are quite domineering and have a knack of making their presence felt. Will be blessed by house & conveyances. They will have good friends who help them in their hour of crisis. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Eleventh House As the 4th lord is in the 11th the native will be wealthy & financial condition will only improve for the better. Will have a lot of friends. They will be helped by these friends. They will have lots of gains as 11th house rules gains and the fulfillment of all desires. A good house guaranteed. Will have lot of mental tensions also as 11th is 8th to the fourth. Lack of mental peace and bliss can result. They will be blessed by conveyances. A well decorated house with all the paraphernalia will be theirs. The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Twelfth House As the 4th lord is in the 12th the native will have to face many ills & unhappy situations in life. The lord of 4 H in the house of loss shows loss of Sukha. Regarding house they may have to face many problems. They may have to encounter litigation and problems regarding house. They may not be happy with regard to mother. Uncles and aunts turn hostile. Some friends also go against them. They will be beset by many problems and difficulties. Expenditure rises and they may have to spend much money on house and conveyances. They may have to face losses in speculation. Astrology & Astro-Numerology Pythagorus averred that numbers have vibrations and that it can be used for augmenting fortune ! Will Fate change if Name is changed ? Certainly, says this Science of Numbers Those who lag behind in the economic sphere can use this science to become prosperous ! The Numerology ebook is freely downloadable from Home Page. Astrology & Astro-Gemology The philosopher Cornelius Agrippa has described in Three Books of Occult Philosophy the basic preparation of astrological rings as follows: “When any star (planet) ascends fortunately we must take a stone and herb that is under that star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the herb or root under it, not omitting the inscriptions of images, names & characters, as also the proper suffumigations” Astrology & the Fourfold Yoga ( The Science of Cosmic Union ) The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies. They are 1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga ) 2. Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga ) 3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga ) 4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga ) Union via Action is for the person of active temparament. Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous temparament Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temparament. Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temparament. These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga. Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal. Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect, the intellect which discriminates between the Real & the Unreal, the intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga. Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga. Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga. Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga. In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities – Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga. Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra ) Tantra aims at centrallisation of the Self and the Self is worshipped through geometrical patterns called Yantras. Astrology & Quantum ( Holistic ) Medicine Beginning with a Platonic quotation ( ” The treatment of the parts should not be attempted without treatment of the entirety”), Ralf Damwerth writes that Holistic Medicine emphasises Prevention. ” To prevent disease is an important matter in Holistic Medicine. It advocates healthy food & good diet, physical exercises and, in general, a natural & ecological life-style. Concerning prevention of disease, we can learn a lot from Asian cultures. Hatha Yoga, for example, is a brilliant system of maintaining the body & detecting any dysfunctions very early.” Books as Representatives of Eternal Wisdom Sir Philip Sydney writes in ” An Apologia for Poetry ” that the great seers and mystics of yore hid Great Secrets in symbolic stories. ( ” which of purpose were written darkly, lest by profane wits it might be abused”). Aurobindo in the Secret of the Veda writes that ” this Wisdom is unfit and dangerous to the ordinary human mind and liable to perversion and loss of virtue, if revealed to vulgar and unpurified spirits”. Hence the Seers hid the Mysteries in symbolic stories like the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Ramayana & the Mahabharata, books which deal with the Inner War in Man ! The Hidden Foe ( Ego) lodged in the human breast Man must overcome or miss his higher fate This is the inner war without escape. The twelve dimensions of life are represented by the twelve houses of the Zodiac. The rising Sign at the Eastern Horizon is known as the Ascendant and is the First House. First House represents personality and fame. The native’s complexion is indicated by the color of the Ascendant lord ( brownish if the Ascendant lord is Jupiter ) and the color of the planets aspecting the Ascendant . If the Ascendant lord is exalted or aspected by a benefic in Amsa in own house or friend’s house, posited in quadrants or trines, the native will be blessed with wealth, happiness and the eightfold Siddhis or paranormal powers. If on the other hand, the Ascendant lord is weak, debilitated, with malefic planets, in inimical Amsa and aspected by malefics, the native will be unhealthy, poor and will be indulging in self-destruction. If the North Node is posited in the Ascendant with malefics, he will be insulted by people. He will be tormented by enemies and crooks. The Effects of the Ascendant Lord in the 12 Houses The Ascendant lord in the Ascendant If the ascendant lord is in the ascendant itself, the native will be famous automatically. Endowed with material happiness he/she will be known for his/her independent spirit to live by own efforts. The native will be fickleminded. The native will maintain multiple interests in unrelated subjects & people. The native will always be alert physically & mentally. Chances are that he/she will visit foreign or far away lands. He/she will be endowed with fame & wealth. They command respect in their circle. They will have a magnetic personality & majestic appearance. They will be endowed with personal magnetism & charisma. The Ascendant lord in the Second House Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 2nd house the native will be graced by scholarship. They will be blessed by many outstanding qualities. They will be spiritual and religious by nature. They will have a charming, magnetic personality. They will be blessed by the gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech. They will impress others by eyes which are penetrating and by articulate abilities. They will have domestic happiness. They will be sweet- tongued and graceful in speech. It is said that Goddess of Speech will reside in them indicating poetic & communication abilities. The Ascendant lord in the Third House Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 3rd house, the native’s courage will be indomitable. His/her actions may be considered unorthodox and unconventional by society. They know that character is the greatest wealth and they should not let anything mar their reputation. He/she have the potential to become a great musician. Similarly if they develop their mathematical abilities they can become great mathe- maticians. They should be careful about their health. They are able to maintain parallel interest or relationships with different individuals. The Ascendant lord in the Fourth House Since the ascendant lord is in the 4th house the native will be born in an aristocratic family. The native will generally be good looking and ambitious. He/she will be a workaholic and prosperity is sustained by hard work. The native is well behaved in society. He/she will have good physique & and impressive personality. They will have happiness from mother. They will be blessed by a house and conveyances. They will have a lot of friends. They become famous amidst their circle. They become a leader amidst friends & relatives. Uncles may be favourable to them. They will have a good house with all comforts. The Ascendant lord in the Fifth House Since the ascendant lord is in the 5th, fame will come to the native by its own. They become aggressive and belligerent. They may gain the good will of the political parties in power. It is quite likely that they will benefit from commercial & diplomatic services. They will shine in Govt Service. They will get the support of officials and seniors. They will be lucky in speculation and they know the adage ” You can’t accumulate if you don’t speculate”. If they use their intellect they can be lucky in investments. The speculative stock market has its charms for them. The Ascendant lord in the Sixth House Since the ascendant lord is in the 6th they will be courageous and distinguished. They will be financially OK. They employ means that are not above board. There may be debts which they are capable of paying in time. They may join the armed forces and reach a high official position. They will be helped by brothers and sisters. They may be employed in the health sector. They are advised to care of their health. Enemies they will have in plenty and they have to be careful about their machinations. Their success may generate jeal- ousy amongst their enemies. They will be successful generally. The Ascendant lord in the Seventh House Since the ascendant lord is in the 7th they have to be careful about the health of their partner. It is quite likely that they may develop vairagya and turn to asceticism during the latter part of their life. They may wander without gaining momentum. They experience vicissitudes and moods always alternate between dejection & elat- ion. They may end up in a foreign country. They may examine people & ideas in order to get at Truth. They will become famous & trustworthy. He/she will have a powerful personality with penetrating eyes. The Ascendant lord in the Eighth House Since the ascendant lord is in the 8th the native will be a scholar with excellent academic records. They will have to be careful about their health. They should avoid gambling & speculation. They have love & interest for occultism. They may give chances to others to ques- tion their character. Unfortunate events may invade their life. They may try to escape tension by taking to drugs, alcohol & day dreams instead of meditation & prayer. These tension relieving tendencies should be controlled. Many deaths in the family may be witnessed. Ascendant lord in the Ninth House Since the native’s ascendant lord is in the 9th they will be fortunate as regards luck both material & spiritual. Oratorial skills & commu- nication ability will be well developed. He/she will be known as a silver tongued orator. They are dignified and majestic and will be well appreciated by the opposite sex. They are likely to inherit a paternal legacy. They will have domestic happiness. They will be deeply spiritual and religious. They will be devoted to the prece- ptors and God. Philosophy & Religion will sway them & they may take to asceticism during the latter part of their life. The Ascendant lord in the Tenth House Since the ascendant lord is in the 10th the native will have professional enhancement & reputation. They will enjoy parental happiness It is likely that they may feel stifled by parental authority. Ascendant lord in the 10th is excellent for fame in the professional sphere. When they show their sense of discipline and workaholism it will be appreciated by the seniors and thereby they will earn fame name and patronage. They will grow up in the right direction only. He/she will be a self made man with self made wealth. They may have income from many sources. The Ascendant lord in the Eleventh House Since the ascendant lord is in the 11th the native will be inclined to beauty and harmony in music, art and romance. They associate freely with all, particularly with the opposite sex. They are advised to guard against marital infidelity. They will be subject to delays or difficulties in marriage. They will not experience financial difficulties. They will succeed in business and their fiscal success will be due to their elder brother. Elder sisters will also be fav- ourable to them. As far as gains are concerned they will make prof- its commensurate with their abilities. The Ascendant lord in the Twelfth House The native has to be careful with money as he/she are likely to be a spendthrift. They have a duality or polarity in their character which they must bring into harmony. Beware of gambling. They believe in the principle that Right means for the right ends. They will fare well in education. They derive more pleasure serving than being served and from giving than receiving. They are likely to become altruists consecrating their life for the welfare of their fellowmen. They have self control & mastery of the senses. More quality information about Vedic Astrology & an Astrological Analysis can be had from Astrology and the Science of Numbers ( Numerology ) Can Numbers represent Reality ? Yes, said Pythagorus. Each number has a vibration which corresponds to the nine revolving heavens. More quality information about Astro-Numerology and a free Astro- Numerological Report can be had from Astrology & Gemology Flawless gems are auspicious and flawed gems are a source of misfortune. Richard Shaw Brown, Jr ( writes that the Vedic texts which state that pure flawless gems have auspicious powers ( Garuda Purana, Agni Purana) are correct. ” After 25 years of researching and experimenting with gemstones, it is our carefully considered opinion that the Vedic texts are correct. Flawed gems are simply a source of misfortune, not to mention their being ugly ! Think about it ! How many people are prepared to tolerate defects in their clothing, or any other personal items they possess?. Even a single scratch on a nice automobile is an eyesore, so why do people tolerate flawed gems? ” Howard Beckman ( ) writes that different Chakras absorb different cosmic colors and nourish particular glands in the body. Diseases can be cured by using appropriate gems. More information about Planetary Gemology & a FREE Gem Prescription Report can be had from Astrology, Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda Regulation of Food, Sleep and Exercise ” Food is medicine; Medicine is food ” said Hippocrates. “Food is Brahman. Food was verily born before all creatures: therefore it is called the medicine for all” declares the Upanishads. By stating that food is the root cause of all ills & illnesses Vedanta have formulated one of the foundational principles of holistic health. At least half the ailments of man can be traced directly or indirectly to the problems of food. Regulation of food is not easy, because it is an addiction like alcohol. Problems like obesity, higher cholesterol level & irritable bowel syndrome crop up if food is not controlled. By controlling food, the whole body comes under control. “When taste is conquered everything is conquered ” averrs Vedanta. What really matters is not how much we eat but how much of what we eat is transformed into bioenergy & the building materials of life. Sir William Osler pointed out many years ago ” Only a small percentage of what we eat nourishes us; the balance goes to waste and loss of energy”. In holistic health, food should be revered & a proper attitude towards food should be developed. ” Be thankful for all food, for food is Brahman ” said Vivekananda. Six hours have been prescribed for all even though requirement of sleep varies from person to person Research studies have indicated that even moderate levels of exercise bolster the immune system. No amount of sleep is sufficient for unwinding the mind for it is always in a tense state under the stressful conditions of modern life. Antidotes to stress include yogic techniques like Meditation, prayer, cultivation of the Witness attitude & practice of absolute self-surrender to the Divine, which enable us to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress. Doing nothing or simply lying down is not relaxation. The muscles when stretched bring in relaxation as it frees them from the tense condition. Some of the yogic Asanas are highly effective because they can relax the muscles. There will be focal point in the body which reflects the mental tension which one finds oneself in. That focal point of mental tension should be identified and you can choose that type of yogic exercise which will relax the muscles & tendons of the specific focal point of tension in you. A good site where you can get quality information about Holistic Medicine is Regulation of Breath “Breathlessness is deathlessness ” averrs Yoga. Regulation of breath gives tremendous relaxation.Pranayama, without the help of a bona fide Master, can lead to serious complications. What is needed is the practice of breathing deeply ( as deeply as possible ) through both the nostrils & then slowly breathing out ( without breath retention ). This kind of regulated deep breathing can be done at any time, even in your office. Psychosomatic pain can be alleviated by these simple yogic techniques more effectively than allopathic pills or tablets. Here we employ the internal pharmacy of Skill power in lieu of the external pharmacy of Pill Power! Vedic Holistic Medicine ( Ayurveda) gives priority to the Whole and not to the parts, contrary to chemotherapy which treats the parts only. More info about Ayurveda can be had from Astrology & Yoga All knowledge is threefold (” Thraigunya Vishaya Veda “). In Freudian Psycho-analysis we have three impulses, Id, Ego and Supergo. The Vedantic Satwa, Rajas and Thamas correspond to these impulses. The mind is always gripped by these three impulses. Sometimes we are Rajasic ( worldly ) and go after wealth. When intense anger and other negative emotions grip us, we are Thamasic. When divine qualities like Love and Peace influence us, we are Satwic ( divine ). The Ego with its ten heads ( symbolised as the ten-headed Ravana ) is the major block in attaining Self_Actualisation. The ten heads of the Ego are Lust,Anger,Pride, Avarice, Sloth, Covetousness, Attachment, Mind, Intellect, Conceit & Egoistic Mentality. Only when the ten heads of the Ego are removed can we hope to get Self-Realisation. ( Symbolically only when the Ravana in us is destroyed ). When we do our yoga, we will be assailed by three type of Ego. Rajasic ( wordly ), Thamasic ( bestial ) and Satwic ( noble ). In order to overcome the three types of Ego, we are given certain commandments. ” Ma the Sanghostha karmani ” – (Let there be not in you any attachment to inaction. ) This commandment is given so that we can overcome the Thamasic ( bestial ) ego. ” Ma Karma Phala Heturbhoo ” – (“Dont expect any reward”) This commandment is given to protect us from the Rajasic ( wordly ) ego, which always expects rewards for work done. “Ubhe Sukruta Dushkrute ” ( “Be beyond good and evil ” ) This commandment is given to us to overcome the Satwic Ego, for one should not hang on to Punya ( divine merit ). In other words, during the process of Yoga, we will be assailed by all sorts of negative thoughts. Our aim is to identify with the Source of all thought, the Self. We will find, as we progress on the path of yoga, that these negative thoughts leave us slowly and steadily. Conquering our negative aspect is not easy. The negative elements in man are the true villains. Alone, powerful & cruel are the dark and dreadful forces that profit from the reign of Night and Ignorance and they dont want any change in the body. We have to annihilate them one by one. In tragic life, God wot No villains need be, passions spin the plot We are betrayed by what is false within ! The entire Vedic wisdom is contained in one word ” Transcend “. Transcend both pain & sorrow, transcend the triune attributes of Nature. Transcend negativity !. More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra ) Tantra focusses on the Chit-Shakti, the Consciousness-Force latent in the Universe. The entire Universe is the play and display of this Cosmic Force and this Force is latent in human beings as the Kundalini. She rises from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra during Meditation. Tantra is a similar discipline like Yoga and is very important from the Divine perspective. More quality information about Tantra & Yantras can be had from Books as the source of knowledge Dante’s Divina Commedia or Goethe’s Faust were never the product of the Rational Mind. They were the products of the Intuitive Mind. Books can instruct, they can teach & they can elevate man from

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